Django: We can forgive plot holes big enough for Jeanne Moreau to drive a Chevrolet Deluxe Convertible through. This film is the pinnacle of the post-war French intellectual love afair with all things American (just before reality set in). The film itself is  a fusion of US crime Noir – itself a “fusion” […]

    Bix: This film is extremely different from almost every other film. It is a selection of inter winding stories of some boring people. One is of two old grumpy men who go around shops and people, trying to sell party gimmicks such as a monster mask and a laughter horn. This is the main […]

Bix- a film so obsessed with its own opinion it gets unnecessarily biased This film had an extremely fascinating story to tell about conservative, evangelical Christians’ obsession with their faith, and how they drag their children along with them. It seems to make these people look so mad; evil possibly beyond what could possibly be […]

Django- Superb – a tour de force of  acting and technique. I approached this with some wariness- single cut films are something of a gimic and I was bored by Russian Ark and irritated by Birdman (which was a  bit of a cheat with hidden edits anyway). But I was hugely impressed by Victoria in […]

Django: Puerile, irritating- not a good use of my life I fear this film was designed entirely from focus groups with its target demographic (teenage boys).I daresay Bix loves it because it’s written for him (plus a few years, maybe). So we get superficial sexualising of woman (add happy hooker in lingerie), smart-arsed knowingness (add […]

Django- THIS is why I watch films. I consider Haneke to be a master of cinema-one of a handful  of modern film makers who rank with the very best of the 60s and 70s. Having  moved on from his earlier somewhat gratuitous desire to shock (Benny’s Video, Funny Games) all of his recent films have been masterpieces. […]

Django- Superficial and sexist. I have always felt that Renoir is hugely over-rated, and it has always baffled me that Rules of the Game is considered one of the all-time great films. Day in the Country is trite, superficial, and its portrayal of gender roles is unpleasant leading up to a seduction scene that that looks to my […]